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Simply Great!

I have had the good fortune to have been introduced to Coach Anup through my professional acquaintance during my quest to explore coaching as an extended career option. I consider myself extremely grateful to have been chosen by Anup as a part of his cohort. 

This journey with BCA and Anup has been a journey of self-introspection, and deep learning. The pedagogy has been simple, and well-paced out. Anup has been the embodiment of patience and his ability to relate to the course with simple life examples has made the learning extremely light and enriching.

The personal beliefs and values which Anup stands for I am sure will make BCA a world class coaching institution which prides itself on high quality pedagogy, enriched with simplicity and ease of learning. My learning stint with BCA continues to be a journey of self-exploration and steeped in continuous learning making my objective of becoming a coach an wholesome outcome.

Anup Nayar
CEO Domestic, In-Solutions Global


I’ve had the distinct pleasure of undergoing the Level 2 coaching course at Butterfly Coaching Academy under Anup’s guidance, after completing my Level 1 at a different institution. Right from the start, Anup’s commitment has shone brightly, making a significant impact on my learning journey.

What sets Anup apart is not just his expertise, but his extraordinary patience and dedication to ensuring each one of us grasps the nuances of coaching effectively. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, exemplifying the philosophy that “collectively we grow”. Whether it’s a group session or a one-on-one call, Anup is there to offer deeper insights and make sure no one is left behind.

His approach is a true embodiment of ‘walking the talk.’ By creating a supportive and enlightening environment, he not only teaches us the principles of coaching but also how to apply them meaningfully in our lives and the lives of those we coach. Anup is a beacon of guidance and an epitome of patience, genuinely making a significant impact on everyone he interacts with.

Choosing Anup and Butterfly Coaching Academy for the Level 2 course has indeed been one of the best decisions for advancing my coaching skills. Thank you, Anup, for your unwavering support and commitment.

Vijay Srinivasan
Founder Mindset Mastery Coaching


“Guidance paves the path to clarity, while learning fuels the journey of transformation.”

I’m immensely grateful to Coach Anup, whose timely support was a guiding light during a challenging time after losing my father to cancer. Balancing my career aspirations with the responsibilities of being a daughter and mother was daunting, but Coach Anup’s encouragement provided invaluable stability.

My journey with Butterfly Coaching Academy has been truly transformative. The unique teaching approach, led by Coach Anup, breaks down complex concepts into relatable examples, making learning both accessible and effective. Through the ACC program, I not only gained essential coaching skills but also underwent significant personal growth. Mastering competencies like active listening, being fully present, powerful questioning, and evoking awareness not only honed my communication but also deepened my empathy.

Thanks to Butterfly Coaching Academy, I seamlessly re-entered my career as a confident and effective career coach. The inclusive learning environment exposed me to diverse peers and mentors, fostering appreciation for human diversity. The supportive community and comprehensive program have been instrumental in both my professional development and personal growth. I’m eager to continue applying these skills and perspectives to positively impact others’ lives as I progress on this transformative journey.

Cecilia Freitas
Career Coach, upGrad


I took my Level 1 course from another institute, and it was extremely process-oriented. Whenever I had conversations as a coach, it didn’t seem to be a natural conversational process but a made-up one with an urge for logical closure. I wanted to do a Level 2 course but was not convinced by that approach. 

One of my friend Vijay recommended me to Anup and BCA. I had a detailed call Coach Anup to understand the pedagogy of the course that Anup is delivering. I liked the approach. It was a good mix of direction, process, and room for experimentation. I enrolled myself for BCA’s first pilot cohort for Level 2 – PCC.

This course not only delivers the ICF competencies-related aspects but also focuses on the overall development and growth of individuals. A couple of concepts, apart from the ICF competencies introduced by Anup, like Sawubona, Tatvam Asi, indirect learning, iKAN, clean language, etc., have opened up a lot of things for me. The practical labs, followed by the learning labs, gave us a good hands-on experience of being a coach in a coaching conversation. 

Coach Anup emphasizes a lot on embodying “being a coach” rather than a “doing coaching” mindset, and it has a great impact on conversations. The best part of the whole course is Anup’s commitment to the cohort. I have personally not seen someone as dedicated to the learning of the cohort as a trainer. I am learning a lot from Anup’s immense wisdom, and I have full trust in Anup, BCA, in this process of reaching ICF PCC credentialing. Thank you so much, Anup, for delivering this kind of immense value. Thank you to the divine power that connected us.

Rajendra Pratap Singh
Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness Coach | Speaker | Trainer


I am from Learning & Development field and currently going through with ICF Level-1 (ACC) Coaching from Butterfly Coaching Academy. I am really very very thankful to our Coach Anup for his wholehearted support and guidance.

After joining this Cohort I can see tremendous shift in myself. It helped me to change my perspective to be non judgemental & curious to know about my training participants. My listening and probing skills have been improved due to the session.

Coach Anup explained the Core Competencies and Coaching techniques in a very simple manner so that now I am able to find out the root cause of the real problem of the training participants by right questions. It can help me to evoke their awareness so that my training participants can use their right potential.

Thanks Coach Anup to give me a chance to be a part of the Learning Journey with my fellow coaches.

Nand Kishore
AVP, Learning & Development, AU Small Finance Bank


I am one of the fortunate ones to have Coach Anup as my mentor in my coaching journey. Butterfly Coaching Academy has taught me to spread my wings and explore myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually in enriching my coaching skills. Anup for me personally has been a very genuine human being who has always inspired me to strive for excellence in every aspect of my coaching competency learning and practice, I express my sincere gratitude for his exceptional training and guidance.

Anju Nayar
Vice Principal, Sacred Heart High School Mumbai


My Journey with Butterfly coaching academy has been transformational. Being a practicing coach, I thought I knew it all. But understanding the nuances of ICF standards and applying it in my work has provided some remarkable results. I am 100% more confident to take on uncertainties with my client and my feedback has improved drastically. The best part about BCA is that it’s pedagogy is very personalized, the instructor helped me overcome my personal blockades thus enabling me to be a better coach. This is a no brainer program for anyone already into the training and learning field.

Mrinal Bafna
Senior Career Coach, Hero Vired


I recently completed an ICF coaching course and I am extremely impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise of the Coach Anup. The course material was comprehensive and well-organized, providing a solid foundation for understanding the coaching process and techniques. The instructors were highly experienced and provided valuable feedback and guidance throughout the course. I also appreciated the opportunity to practice coaching skills in a supportive and safe environment. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their coaching skills and become an ICF-certified coach.

Narinder Kaur
Senior Career Coach, upGrad Education


I joined this cohort with no notion as to what to expect. The journey has been amazing and helped me self- reflect and discover a new potential & ability to walk on the path of
becoming a coach. The course chosen by coach Anup was well placed for some-one beginning the coaching journey but the best part remains Coach Anup’s enthusiasm
and style of explaining each and every aspect with such suitable & relatable examples. He exhibited a unique balance of carefully listening to all of our questions and sharing
his wealth of experience & knowledge. The whole experience has definitely been a life changer and very fulfilling on a number of personal & professional challenges. It has given me a whole new perspective and strength to continue on this journey. I am beyond grateful to coach Anup for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this cohort.
Harshita Sehgal
Outreach Manager, Zista Education


This cohort was indeed a special one, it helped me transform myself on several dimensions. The cohort’s structure was divided into learning and practical labs and the all sessions were full of exhaustive learnings. All the nuances and concepts were explained with simplicity which not only made it easy to understand but also implement it in real life. What stood out for me is the storytelling technique and usage of metaphors which generated higher interest in me and is helping me retain these learning for a longer time. It has not only enhanced my understanding about Coaching but also helped me become a better version of myself. As a moderator, Anup is extremely committed towards the growth of all the participants and brings out their best. I would urge all the individuals who are aspiring to explore Coaching be a part of this learning process.

Kanika Vijai
Corporate Relations Advisor, Mobility and Lubricants, Shell


As Learner of the First Cohort at Butterfly Coaching Academy, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to polish themselves in their personal or professional life. The institute values the unique talents of each individual member of the cohort. They maintain limited members in the cohort to ensure focused attention and customized learning for each member. The course offers learnings in holistic and well thought out manner, following formats like: theorical concepts, practical learnings, personal mentorship sessions, reading and writing. The coaching model crafted is intuitive enough to conduct any conversation in the most effective manner. BCA is the best place to brighten your strengths and enhance your natural ability to be an effective coach at the global level.

Roopal Chouhan
Program Manager, Amazon


I am so glad that Anup picked me along with a bunch of talented folks for his pilot cohort of BCA. I would highly recommend this program to anyone & everyone who wishes to learn coaching right from the scratch. The course gives you an exhaustive understanding of not just coaching as a subject but also focuses on the application of the process. The learning labs are a highlight of this entire program & the feedback sessions are extremely insightful. It will surely require you to put in additional hours of effort but in the end, it is totally worth it. As a learner, I have seen tremendous growth in the way I approach clients & also on a personal front. He is truly inspiring as an individual, an exceptional mentor & definitely knows his craft.

Pooja Pradhan
Associate Manager, Sourcing, Shaadi.com