A program that empowers you and helps you transform from within

At Butterfly Coaching Academy we impart a world-class coach-training program, which is based on the GOLD standards of ICF competencies. We simplify learning that enable coaches to tap into their potential holistically & bring significant positive changes in the lives of the people they coach.


Learning should be simple and in such a form which is beyond IQ and language, if imparted well it can be understood by anyone, even beyond language barriers.


Coaching is a versatile skill with many applications. Anyone and everyone can be a coach. We welcome people from diverse walks of life and believe in their potential.


We are the initiators. We prioritise our coaches and go above and beyond to bring the best to the table.

Positive Impact

We believe in empowering our coaches to make a positive impact in various spheres of life.

You believe in helping others grow too?

Well, if you have a vision too to help others grow and succeed and you are having a calling from within, what are you waiting for. Take the first step in becoming a being of higher potential by developing some core skills like listening, asking. maintaining presence and building trust. Click to know more.

About the Success Story

Be the Change you wish to see in the world, said Mahatma Gandhi. We must first become who we can be for the world to be a better place! At Butterfly Coaching Academy, we truly believe in the inner transformation of oneself, this is WHY we EXIST.

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The path to become a world class coach

It’s a journey and not a destination. Credential is important and one must become capable to earn the same. 

To become capable enough, one has to walk the path.


Learning Lab

We become aware and aligned to what we know and what we must know beyond this knowness.


Practical Lab

Learning is of no use until we can use it, leverage it by doing. Extensive practice under observation and mentoring.


Credentialing Prep

Preparing for the approach and ethics. Credentialing exam is what completes the accreditation process, to prepare is to succeed


What Our Student Say About us

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