We provide 76 hours of comprehensive coach training program accredited by ICF for Level1 (ACC) certification through online sessions. Below mentioned are the detail;
  • We offer once in a week session for 3 hours and 15 minutes for the first 3 weeks. After this, the engagement frequesncy increases to twice a week for next 8 weeks.
  • The program’s design prioritizes (2) applied learning, providing participants with hands-on experiences to enhance their coaching skills. The ratio of applied learning to conceptual learning is slightly higher than 3:2, ensuring that participants actively practice and apply what they learn and how it impacts the outcomes. 

  • The program incorporates both learning labs and practical labs, with integration during breaks. Learning labs are followed by practical exercises, allowing participants to observe nuances and identify understanding gaps before furthering their learning.
  • In-depth coverage of the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies is a crucial component of the program. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of these competencies, which serve as the foundation for effective coaching.

  • Our researched and developed framework, i.K.A.N (to be in bold, same colour only as it is), is integrated with the core competencies to emphasize the power of partnering with clients. This approach enables clients to explore and discover their untapped potential, fostering autonomy and consistent results in coaching conversations.
  • Beyond coaching skills, the program incorporates a certain level of spirituality to enhance individual self-awareness. Participants are encouraged to recognize their interconnectedness with everything around them, fostering mutual self-respect and a higher sense of being.


  • 76 hours of intensive learning (includes 10 hours of mentor coaching)
  • 100% Virtual, spread over 6 months duration
  • 64 hours of synchronous learning and 12 hours of asynchronous learning
  • Sessions are organised only on weekends
  • 3.5 hours of session every Sunday for first 9 weeks with 15 mins break
  • 2.5 hours every Saturday and Sunday with 15 mins break for next 8 weeks
  • Sessions are delivered in Hinglish (Hindi and English)
  • Total 12 Learning Lab sessions spread across the course curriculum
  • Other applied learnings include; mentoring, observing, listening, reflecting, reading

Overall, this program provides a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to coaching education, combining applied learning, core competencies, and a deeper understanding of self-awareness and spirituality.


Coaching is a versatile skill with limitless applications, open to anyone and everybody who wishes to embark on this transformative journey. Whether you are a working professional, an entrepreneur, a student, a homemaker, or someone on a unique life path, coaching holds the potential to unlock your true greatness.


It is not a profession but a calling to become catalysts for positive change in people’s lives and ad commitment to making this world a better place. A Coach empowers and supports individuals in achieving their goals, overcoming challenges, and unlocking their true potential. The journey of  becoming a coach is a transformative experience that benefits both the coach and the clients they serve.