With over 8 years of diverse experience spanning coaching to entrepreneurship, Mrinal embodies a unique blend of technical prowess and business acumen. As an engineer and MBA professional, he has seamlessly transitioned between roles, leaving an indelible mark in each endeavor.

Having coached over 1000 clients across various age groups and backgrounds, Mrinal’s passion lies in facilitating growth and development. His exceptional strength lies in active listening, coupled with a nurturing approach that guides his clients towards success. With a keen focus on handholding his clients through their journey, he ensures that each individual reaches their full potential.

Beyond coaching, Mrinal is at the helm of an Insurance Brokering firm, overseeing an impressive annual premium turnover of 25 Cr. Here, his leadership is characterized by a commitment to developing empathetic salespersons and fostering business growth. His strategic vision and dedication to cultivating a supportive work environment set him apart, driving both personal and professional excellence.